Factory reset after installing international firmware

Hi guys, i’d like to know if anyone has tried or know what will happen when doing a factory reset after installing the international firmware from the generale firmware (>4.5.4I) following the 1° procedure described in this site ( changing the ID).
Will it revert back to A firmware, remain to I or something else?

Meizu MX4 Pro

it goes back to the last installed version in this case the I version.

Will it really wipe any other data apart from the core firmware? When i installed the international firmware and selected the “clear data” option data from previously installed apps remained in memory.

Meizu MX4 Pro

Clear Data will wipe the partition of system to have just the original FlyMe Apps that comes with the firmware.
U have to reinstall all your Apps but the internal memory will not wiped.
Factory reset in Phone Settings is the same.
Factory reset + SD will wipe all Data in your Phone.
Data from UserApps will keep in Memory whe u just wipe data. Normally :grimacing:

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