Buggy keyboards on Flyme OS I


Am I the only one that is having a lot of bugs while trying to use non-system keyboard? I use I firmware. My favourite keyboard from previous phone was Fleksy but here it’s unusable - right after trying to put a comma or a dot the keyboard is stuck. Also tried several other keyboard apps and noticed many bugs. ATM using SwiftKey and seems to be quite fine, but I still miss great features from Fleksy…

Have you also experienced similar issues? Maybe they are fixed on newer firmwares?

I’ll appreciate any feedback.

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Meizu MX4 Pro

FlyMe OS had with many keyboards problems but in newer versions it has improved.


Thanks for your replies. I’ve found a topic which describes this problem very well. There are some suggestions that’s linked to underlining words with autocorrection. And in fact it seems this could be the root cause.

Some said uninstalling the system keyboard helps, but unfortunately not in my case.

Anyway I use SwiftKey now and the issue doesn’t seem to appear with this one.

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