Hello guys, I have no experience with rooting a phone, so im asking you how do i root my mx4 ?
Im on latest flyme firmware and i alredy rooted from settings but this doesnt work in every app.
I want to have a root like supersu and something like that.
Thank you for your help.

Meizu MX4 Pro

Install SuperSU , run it and give root permisson. Update Binary by press Normal install and Reboot after finish. Set Autorun for SuperSU in SecurityApp. Thats it.
Root = Root but most Apps need the Updated Binary.

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@AndiRoid77 doesn’t work supersu wont let me update binary just a popup message and it only left me to press ok then exit app !

Meizu MX4 Pro

You can trying an older SuperSU version for example 2.46.
Have you give Root permission for SuperSU?

@AndiRoid77 yeah I have this old version I give it root permission and all the permission of the security app I have flyme OS 5

Meizu MX4 Pro

I’m on FlyMe5 too and no problems with SuperSU and Update the Binary at the normal way.

Meizu MX4 Pro

You can try reflash the firmware without wipe and then go to settings/fingerprint-security/ and Root the Phone again with your FlyMe account. Good luck
(Without wipe just for keep your Apps in case of trouble you need to wipe)

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Meizu MX4

You can install a superuser manager from the flyme app store. There should be one with an icon similar to supersu (#), just search for superuser.

@meh301 With the supersu install or only the manager?


@meh301 The newest SuperSU never worked for me.

I always had to get 2.46 from the play store, to build the binary on FlymeOS 5.

(The AppCenter always has the latest and greatest).

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@Ultrametric for me neither this 2.46 works. I download a supersu from the flyme store and it told me to recovery install but this is recommended for HTC phones. Can I find another way to download the binary or is it safe to press the recovery install?


@lolakis13 It’s not recommended to use the Recovery Method on a Meizu (in general).
If your phone is unlocked and has a custom Recovery, go ahead.

But downloading 2.46 + build binary in Normal mode is enough to get it worked. As long you have a clean installation. (If not Reinstall it from SuperSU Settings)

@Ultrametric I cannot understand the build binary in Normal mode ! The only i can do is open SuperSu and the a popup message says the message about re-root and the ONLY thing i can do is press ok in that message and then automatically the app get close ! i cant do anything else in the app ! I have no access to the SuperSu settings !

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