Storage issue: Most files in storage suddenly disappeared...! Pls help

My MX5 was work perfctly …
When I connected my phone with PC to copy my files,
and after I coppeid some folders , suddenly it stop copying remaining folders !!
Then I open these folders , there is no any files !! and some folders are disappeared from my phone !!
then I disconnect my phone and try after restarting … but no any changes !
In storage information appear (29gb total) and (22gb available) but about (3gb) files not appears in my phones !!!
I lost my all data whatsapp media , gallery , and all my files and music .

Please help me …

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I think there is not much you can save. However, at least WhatsApp should have synced to your Google Drive.
What you could try though is another app, like ES File Explorer. Even though I am sure this won’t change a lot, I would still give it a try.

I tried x-plore app , but same problem !
In storage section it appear Other: 4.02GB , but when I explore files from File Manager there are just 1GB total files !!!

I think the easeful solution is formatting phone and then restore my files with any lost files restoring app … :sweat:

Don’t worry, you can still find back the files in storage, put your phone into professional Android recovery tools. Before the lost files being overwritten, you still have chance.

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