Dirac HD Sound on flyme 5

When will be available Dirac HD Sound support on MusicFx apk? since flyme 5 update, we don’t have that great great DiracHD… :/

I hope it will be avaiable again soon ! :smirk:

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I REALLY hope Meizu brings Dirac HD back! If not, then NO more Meizu for me.
PRO 5 is my second meizu phone. Recently switched up from mx4 PRO that also had Dirac. Now i feel cheated meizu!! Sound is much worse without it. Equalizer is not enough. NEVER remove features from OS. Especially when it is something so important as sound!!! It is one of your main selling points FFS!! Bring it back or i Will go to other brands.

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@amirNo1 Good bye.

There will be no more Driac HD.

@Ultrametric said:

@amirNo1 Good bye.

There will be no more Driac HD.

Yeah? And how do you know that? Please enlighten us with your infinite wisdom.
Plenty of other phonemakers to switch over to. They are listed at Dirac website. Xiaomi is one of them. Mi5 with Dirac is getting veeery tempting…


@amirNo1 just gtfo. If you don’t believe me it’s fine.

I won’t force you to. What you believe is no concern of mine.

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@Ultrametric just suck mfd. Who asked you to open your f ing d sucking mouth? My message is to Meizu.


@amirNo1 haha!

Then you are a retard! :D

This forum has no relation to Meizu!
It’s run by a volunteer, and abandoned by Meizu.

Wrong place to ask your question. You made my day, or your stupitidy did :D

However: Meizu does not work with Driac HD for Flyme 5. Meizu quit the contract. This is it.

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@Ultrametric yes I figured that. However I bet they do follow some forums to get feedback from fans. Maybe not.
It’s a shame if they drop Dirac for good. It is a big step backwards for meizu in the hi-fi department. They can no longer market the brand as audiophile phones.


@amirNo1 forum.flymeos.com

Is the place you want to be, but not here.
You are right Meizu cares, but they don’t read in every forum. And I know this because I talk to some Meizu employees.

Don’t be surprised if you find me there, btw. If you complain about Draic HD there I will respond with the same answer!

In my opinion it’s not a big step back. Driac HD only works with headphones that are preconfigured, and the supported Headphone list on the MX4 Pro is moderate to very short. (And on all not supported Driac doesn’t improve a thing)

Meizu made bigger mistakes, than quiting the contract with Driac.

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I wrote Meizu team about it, and this is their answer:

"Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks for supporting MEIZU.
Please try to downgrade firmware to flyme 4 if you want to experience Dirac HD sound.
We will take your suggestion into serious account and make our future firmware become more user-friendly.

Thank you and have a nice day."

Write and you guys to mail mzcs@meizu.com them, to take seriously our request and return DiracHD back. A lot of e-mails thay will certainly not ignore! :)


@Kiza if they pass it on!

About 5000 people signed a request to unlock the bootloader. That’s not enough for Meizu to care. :P

If you can make maybe 10 000 people sign a petition to include Driac HD for FlymeOs 5… You could achieve something.

Loads of luck. I hope your efforts pay off :D

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