firmware corrupt message?

i put the file to the root.
i started to update.while the device was checking firmware i got a message firmware corrupt.
what was the problem?

do you see any baseband problem? (i switched to to

Meizu Pro 5
  • Ensure you downloaded “A” firmware (I or G versions won’t apply this way)
  • Doublecheck your download is ok, open it with winzip or 7zip application
  • Stop your device, and restart it in recover mode (volup+power), then connect with usb cable onto your pc.
  • Copy (keep the name) to the “recovery” drive that appears
  • Check both clean data and update on phone screen
  • And let it restart

*you said “Ensure you downloaded “A” firmware (I or G versions won’t apply this way)” but my device is now “G” version as you can see from pic.

*you said “Doublecheck your download is ok, open it with winzip or 7zip application” what is doublecheck? what do i have to doublecheck? and after open it with winzip what will i do?

*you said “Copy (keep the name) to the “recovery” drive that appears” i tried it but after that i got in recovery mode there is nothing!..

Meizu Pro 5

Whatever the firmware you installed, your device is still and will ALWAYS remains an A version. The method you are currently applying (using the directly) is based on a specific signature/id mechanism. You can’t bypass it this way, so do a little research in this forum for other method if you want to use G one (you even posted into the correct thread)

About checking the zip archive, you just need to open it, and confirm there is no error message. Nothing more, nothing less…

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question 1
if i install “A” firmware, will i lost language pack because i am using Turkish language,google play store again?

please accept my sillyness but as i researched in this forum and i found this topic link text and i applied method 2.

now i want to use G one “everytime” and for changing this id. i have to use method 1 in topic mentioned above.but as you know pro 5 has samsung exynos 7420 chipset and method 1 cannot be applicable if your device has not mediatek chipset.

finally if you know another method for changing this id , please please post its url.

Meizu Pro 5

“A” version doesn’t contains anything else than English and Chinese languages.
If you really need Turkish, you need to use method 2 again, as you won’t be able to change the id

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