Complete newbie here with a few questions

Hello :)
So recently I’ve bought a MX4 and I must say it’s really amazing phone (had only Xperia Z and M4 Aqua before). Nonetheless there are some questions I’d like to ask just to be sure that I’m using this phone ‘properly’. So here it goes:

  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve got International version. Some folks told me that it would be better to change it to the A version (China or universal I think?). So is it really that great idea? I don’t need getting every new updates asap but maybe there are some more advantages? Or are those updates really that important?
  2. I’ve got Flyme When I check the updates it says that this is the current version. But here on forum there’re some newer versions. So should I stick to what I’ve got and only download when updater will show some newer version or should I download some new firmware from this forum? And if the second option is better, which version should I choose (would be nice if it would be stable and bug-free as much as possible) - the newest stable or maybe there is some older but better? And does version (I, A etc.) matter here when choosing a firmware? And (sorry :P) installing it is as simple as just download it and run on the phone?
  3. Is it normal that when battery reaches 10% it goes to 0 really fast? Something like 1%/10 seconds.
    Sorry for those trivial questions. I’m just really excited to have this phone and I just want to take good care of it. Cheers!
Meizu MX4
  1. Version A (Any) of flymeOS is the one that is the most updated, if you check the various firmwares, you’ll notice that all beta firmwares are A, and in most cases, there is no I firmware even. The only difference between I firmware and A firmware are some included chinese apps with the A firmware (which can be deleted) and some missing languages. Oh and, if your country allows it (there is now geo-blocking), with the A firmware, you can stream music and videos through the official music and video app. It should be noted that with an international version device, you can only install I and A version firmwares (and soon G (global) which is going to replace I (international)).

  2. Flyme is not the newest I version. I have also had trouble with the built-in updater not showing updates. The best way is to install all firmware updates manually by going to the firmware section and downloading the appropriate update. Installation is easy, just copy the to your phone (or download it directly to your phone), open up the default file explorer, and tap on the It will detect that it is an update it will commence updating. The latest I firmware currently is 4.5.7 which can be found here:

  3. This is due to battery calibration. It should be less aggressive after a few weeks of use after the device knows how the battery behaves.

First of all, thanks for your reply! Now I don’t feel so much lost with this phone.

  1. Well, I’ll try changing it later then (since I can delete those extra apps and I already have a mix of my native language, English and Chinese - besides, more updates can’t hurt really). But just to be sure (found a guide somewhere): to change from the I to the A I’ll need to downgrade to and then install any A firmware of choice and voilà. And if I’d like to install another A version I still need to downgrade first and then install the desired one. But if I’d like to return to the I version I just need to install any I firmware I want without worrying about downgrade. Correct?
  2. I see. Now it’s a lot more understandable for me, thanks. But one more question: if I’ll update Flyme to a newer version and then do a factory reset, will it also reset Flyme version or will it stay untouched?
  3. Oh, okay. I was a little bit worried about this but now I’m calm. Thanks!
Meizu MX4

Sorry for the late reply, didn’t receive any notification…

  1. From I to A firmware you don’t need to downgrade or anything, simply install. Same thing when on A firmware, no need to downgrade, there are only specific devices that have to do this. Though in some cases you may need to enable the “wipe data” option when upgrading as the android version changes.

  2. Doing a factory reset simply wipes your user data, you stay on the version you installed.

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