External microphone on Pro 5 ?


First of all sorry if I post in the wrong place, didn’t know where would that belong :/.

So I have a problem if I can say. I wanna use my Pro 5 for filming at an event in my city (it’s something like a Comic-Con but waaaay smaller, but there’s still a lot of people). The quality of the Pro 5 is kinda great so rather than buying a camera that I can’t afford actually…
So, I brought on amazon a cheap lavelier microphone (because for what I want to do I don’t need a 500€ one), but it’s obviously not working on none on my devices (pro 5, xperia e3, ipod touch 5), i think it’s the connector (i know nothing about that, i can only say to you that on the jack there’s only 2 black strings). I learned that there were OMTP and CTIA/AHJ standards, which one of these the Pro 5 is ?

Hope someone have a way to make it work, I’d like not to have to buy some kind of audio recorder then have to sync it after with the vid, but if I have to go that way well I’ll go for it ;).

Forgive me for my bad english !

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