How to re-enable Dirac HD sound on flymeOS 5+
Meizu MX4

Most probably doesn’t work anymore!

Many of you have noticed that the option for dirac HD sound has disappeared from flyme music. Luckily, the files are still on the phone and can be easily re-activated.

What you need:
a meizu device (works on all meizu devices)
root access
root explorer (recommended: ES file explorer)

The dirac HD sound files can be found in

The file you have to edit is called
I suggest editing this file on your desktop before copying it back to your phone as it is a large file and can be hard to edit on your phone directly.

you need to change the
DiracPresets_Earphone_default = 0
to 1
alt text

And finally, you need to delete all other entries of headphone filters and keep the one you want/need.

alt text

save the file and replace the one on your phone!

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@meh301 What exactly is Dirac and will this tutorial be able to boost volume through headphones at all?


@ShadowOfDeth Driac HD is a 3rd party app that optimizes the sound for your connected headphones.

There is a funny quote:

“ How good is it? I listened for about ten hours…compared the Apple EarPods with the Dirac app directly to the $1,100 Ultrasone Edition 8 on an iPhone 5. The optimized Apple EarPods are better ”
– Ken Rockwell, famous audio reviewer

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Meizu MX4

@ShadowOfDeth Dirac HD sound used to be a setting you could enable for specific headphones that made everything sound better.
More info here

@meh301 Oh OK. I deleted my Dirac files in vendor/etc trying to get viper4android to work. Any chance you could post a copy of yours?

@Ultrametric I thought that Meizu’s HiFi sound settings in the main settings was supposed to do that. Is Dirac better?


@ShadowOfDeth V4A doesn’t work for the Pro 5 and MX4 Pro

A guy invested in it a bit more. Read here:

Driac is just an optimization, it doesn’t support all headphones at least not on Meizu. But it makes the one supported sound better. (So to say if your headphones aren’t in the dirac hd config… you may hear no difference.) BUT! Don’t quote me, read up on yourself. I might be mistaken.

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@Ultrametric Yeah Im painfully aware that v4a does not work on the PRO 5. Trust me, I know lol. Even offered a bounty of £100 for the 1st person to offer a working solution and received MANY messages on XDA with ideas but none work.

On the Dirac thing. I had a look at the file before deleting it and on my phone at least the list of named headphones in it was very small and didn’t include my particular set. Oh well.

Can’t open, try to open as txt, no way(( How open it?

Meizu MX4

@exsaf you should be able to open it as text, copy it to your sdcard and then to your computer

Meizu MX4

@Ultrametric you will hear a difference but the audio will sound really bad if your headphones aren’t similar to ones on the list…

no way, try in note, word, etc. All document like that

Meizu MX4 Pro

@exsaf said:

no way, try in note, word, etc. All document like that

The lines you have to edit are at the end.
For me it works I used ESExplorer :+1:

Where is Dirac Settings after modification ?

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