Back to hk 3.5.3

Can someone give me a guide how to flash the 3.5.3 “hk”- firmware after flashing 3.7.5 “cn”- firmware.

I own the hk version and want go back to 3.5.3 but the system just wants to unzip the Just rename to .bin won´t work…

Thanks for your help…

Follow the following method:
@‘HondaRacer’ said:

Just spoke with Meizu Hong Kong, and they said they do not suggest cross installation of CN and HK version firmwares. To restore, they suggested the following method:

1. Turn off the phone, then press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons to enter upgrade mode
2. After entering upgrade mode, Copy firmware “” onto the root directory
3. Select “System upgrade” to upgrade & “Clear data” to reset user data (if required); then press “Start” to upgrade
4. After upgrading, please check “Settings -> About” to verify the correct firmware version is installed

After upgrading the firmware, if application force close, please try to reset your phone or re-upgrading (Settings->About phone->Storage->Factory reset to reset the phone)

Vielen Dank…manchmal ist es eigentlich ganz einfach.

@nottge it is, you just need to know the steps ;)

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