whatsapp problem?

hi there, i have Flyme OS stable (MX4 Pro). and my whatsapp is not sending notificatios? if i put phone on my pocket… it doesnt keep whatsapp up to date? i mean if i open it, i get new messages… something is putting it sleep or something? how to fix this?

@vihru first backup data. second try to unistall whatsapp and then reinstall. that might help


@iraarnon nope. Topic is old by the way - no need to open it up again. We all know it is a Flyme issue.

@Rey regret to notice how poor this forum is.
almost all posts are very old, meaning there is no interest in this forum.
reason probably is that most posts are not replied.

Well… you didn’t read a lot…
There are many post with this issue and the solutions…
The thing is, flyme 5 makes google services sleep… flyme 5 G hasn’t this issue… because google is part of the system… system apps are not forced to “sleep”… so… all works fine.
Try to read more very old post, you’ll get the workaround ;)

i had same issue on 5.1.5G
in security app you need to add whatsapp and google services to whitelist in memory/acceleration/autostart/background
anything that might close whatsapp due to inactivity

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