Meizu MX4 PRO won't boot

I have problem with my MX4 Pro. When i drove a car and I wanted to check sth on the phone i had black screen. I thought battery is empty, but i had (15 minutes ago) ± 60%. I gone to home and I tried to charge it - nothing happened. I can’t turn it on - i tried disassemblying it and reconnect the battery - still nothing. I can’t boot to recovery mode, when I connect it to USB in PC then nothing. Have someone any idea?

Thanks @Rey for answer. So it’s 100% mainboard, not battery fault? And why it’s hard bricked - i didn’t do nothing with it, my phone just lay in my car and after 15 minutes it doesn’t worked. I wrote to my seller on aliexpress (I’m from Poland), but Chinese New Year and propably i will get answer in few days.

edit: When i’m charging my phone it’s getting hot (around mainboard, camera)

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@bobekw33 thats indeed a good question. However, sadly it is hard to check this.
For now I’d wait for a reply from your seller.

@Rey thanks for answer :). I’m waiting too.
I’m thinking that if I had opened my phone to reconnect the battery then i’ll still have warranty
On the bottom of site you see that upgrading firmware = losing warranty, but if MB is broken that they could check it? I don’t know why is that point.

edit: And if my warranty is broke - then I’m wondering how can I get a MB to my phone - on Aliexpress is 1 offer and it costs 130$, i found something on taobao and it costs around 40 $ - 60 $ but i’m not clearly sure that is a motherboard or just repair service (everything is in chinese and after translate i couldn’t recognize it)

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