wrong when flash firmware
Meizu m2 note

Meizu m2 note 16gb ,

My brother wrong when flash the rom ,
He was flash the rom firmware m2 “mini” ,
Then now was cant boot ,
Brick ,
Cant open the recovery mode ,
Anyone can help it ?


@fajar It’s impossible.

The Recovery does not allow what you say.

On a Meizu M2 Note you can only update to a Meizu M2 Note firmware. If you use the Recover Mode: Volume UP + Power.

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as possible, I have the same problem , but on the contrary

the phone does not turn , vibrate every 10 minutes

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Meizu m2 note

@Ultrametric it’s just a mistake ,
And its end I could not go into recovery mode ,
Every few seconds is always vibrating ,
Meizu logo does not appear too ,
Is there any way via fastboot flash recovery or adb ?

Download http://www.needrom.com/download/meizu-m2-note-for-sp-flash-tool-v5-1532-00/
Download http://download1162.mediafire.com/remhh79uhrdg/zx5m9mp3x5p413h/SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1452.00.zip

and , open flashtool, click scatter files, click, and choose full format + download

maybe you will succeed



@Kuba-Nowak The only way to end up like this is if you, do something wrong. And not just a bit wrong but completely wrong.
Like try to flash something on a phone with a locked bootloader.

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nowhere is it written that has locked bootloader

Meizu MX4

nowhere is it written that has unlocked bootloader

Meizu m2 note

@Kuba-Nowak thats work ,
I was try but error in scatter file .

Meizu MX4

You can try how much you want. Nothing change: you can’t flash Meizu phones from SP Flash Tool.

Meizu MX4


"and , open flashtool, click scatter files, click, and choose full format + download

maybe you will succeed"

Don’t write this shit again. He can’t do it with an Meizu phones and with full-format he lose the IMEI number.

Buy another motherboard.

Meizu m2 note

@Naphtha thank ,
Finally ,
I buy a new meizu again . 😂

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