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Hi, first of all thanks for the space to post this, now:
I have a PRO 5 with the Flyme OS version 4.5.4U (Chinese Unicom) I wanna change to Flyme OS 5, what I need to do?

  • first change the current version 4.5.4U to 4.5.4A and then jump to Flyme OS 5A or
  • change the current version 4.5.4U to Flyme OS 5A
    and what version of Flyme OS 5 install? Stable or test.
    Maybe is a stupid question, but am new on the Meizu community, thanks again for the time and space, i’ll wait for comments.
Meizu Pro 5

There is a tutorial to convert A to I, and all is nicely explain. It should work exactly the same way. Try the search function.
You can use any stable or test version, tried all the test versions from last minute and they are all daily usable

@Kikounet95 are risk if i try change from U to A??

Meizu Pro 5

limited risks assuming you are doing as described


There are no risks changing U to A!
You can always flash the A firmware, no matter which device you’ve got (unless it is an EU one).

@Rey thanks for the comment, thats the answer the I looking for, now whats the best way to do it?
Change the current version 4.5.4U to 4.5.4A and then to flyme 5A or change directly from 4.5.4U to Flyme 5A ?

@Kaidos you should be able to flash directly from 4.5.4U to Flyme 5 A ;)

@Tymcio @Kikounet95 @Rey thanks for the comments already done the change of version with no problem at all, I change to rooted the phone, install google services and Xposed, delete apps chinnese pre-installed, and change the language into the I use(Spanish) any question U want to do, comment ;)

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