Where to buy an mx5 from ?

Hello, I have been browsing a lot of websites aliexpress, en.jd, gearbest, geekbuying and I have seen meizu mx5’s for around 250-300 us dollars, are they counterfeit ? Or did the price drop ? How can one tell which one is good without looking at reviews. I’ll include some links, which one is the most legit, please help me, I usually do not order stuff international.
tinyurl for aliexpress
Tinyurl for geekbuying http://tinyurl.com/hrd8ol7
I would like to buy a new one after my brother broke mine, and in my country it is around 380 bucks…


@TasteTheCookie in general just be sure to pay with PayPal. However, I clearly advice to look up for a few reviews as anything else would be just stupid, unless you really want to lose money.

What I can also recommend is our partner shop Flos Mall.

Please keep in mind though, that any Meizu device bought from a non-official reseller has no warranty.

@Rey thank you, are the ones on floss 100% real ? Also if I buy one from china (aka meizu website through a friend there) are they any different ? Sorry I’m asking so many questions…


@TasteTheCookie yes they are real. So far I didn’t saw any Meizu fakes anyway.
However, it doesn’t matters, if you buy from Flos Mall or the official Chinese Meizu store.
Both devices will be the same and for both you will have no warranty.


@TasteTheCookie The worst that can happen is a refurbished phone or a broken b-ware.

this side knows best about trustworthy re-sellers. www.china-devices.com

And I don’t suggest you to get the MX5. I have it since the early days. Got it pretty much as soon as it was available… But since the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 are out… get those. These are cheaper and better.

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Eh, I have a silver mx5 that my abusive family broke, il try to do le ol switchero if a new one breaks. Thanks for the info , if you trust sponsor I might buy from it in about 2 weeks


@TasteTheCookie I got a Mi Pad 2 from flossmall and am happy about it.

But please be aware that it’s Chinese Spring Festival. So before the 14th of Februrary nothing will happen in China. Everyone is on Holiday. (It’s the only holiday most Chinese have in the year.)

So 2 weeks is a good date.

And you could check out Kimovil: http://www.kimovil.com/en/where-to-buy-meizu-mx5-32gb

http://www.kimovil.com/en/compare-smartphone-prices?search=xiaomi redmi note

You might get hands on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro with it’s sweet SD 650.

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Thanks everyone, I really liked my mx5, so sad when it broke, saved 2 years of scholarships for it :/

@Ultrametric Friend, are the green dots trustworthy sellers and the yellow ones not so much ? http://puu.sh/n2F5q/1da7d8131a.jpg

Hello, I got my MX5 from aliexpress. Everything is great. Paid about $300. Received the shipment after 2 weeks.

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