Car charger for Pro 5

Hello everybody, I need a car charger for Pro 5, but I am not sure which might be the right one? Can anybody recommend me something good?
Also I was looking at Aukey car chargers link text, does anybody know if this is full compatible with Pro 5 fast charging? I am aware that the cable is not a C-type and a converter link text is needed!


Hi, take this Aukey charger or any with 2A. Then conekt it with you USB cabel which was in your box. Or you buy a new. The cable should not be too cheap.

ESEEKGO car charger you can try. It really work well. I am using it and feel very good. Hope this helps!

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Meizu Pro 5

@Kiwi , but I saw the output of charger is 4.8 A, and if refer to the spec of Meizu Pro 5 charger is only 2 A, is it okay?.
Please your reply, because I want to ensure before order it.

Thank a lot

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You cannot charge a phone using 4.8 A, the advertising number of the charger may be the max it can output of the combination of both or multiple outputs (if it has more than one charging output). Most chargers cannot output what they are advertised (once brought a 3.1 A and it couldn’t even reach 0.5A and i can’t even fully charge my phone over night). Charging using over 2 A may damaged the battery overtime but it will charge faster.

Edit: after reading the car charger that was linked, it looks like it said 4.8A means 2.4 A max each, not a bad choice.

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Meizu Pro 5

I see, because there are 2 output, mean each is 2.4 Ampere.

Bestek 300w power inverter is the only tool that I have used to charge camera in car. Maybe you want to try this simple tool. Just connect it with car cigarette lighter charger outlet. Hope this point is useful to you. 

Come on … ! You have a meizu phone ( chineeze) and you ask that?
From a samsung user it 's understandable . All car chargher are good . I recomand hama 5 v 2.1a , it s a best quality vs pricw product but you can find a varios chargher 5 v 2.0 / 2.1 a , if you want fast charghing, you can also use an 1 A chargher that cost 2 euro. It will do the job but no fast charghing.

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