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Hello, my name is Andrew and I bought an mx5 @november but my abusive dick of a brother decided saving 2 years for a phone is no good for me so he cracked my screen, I can’t find any replacement amoled screen online, I was wondering if there is any difference if I buy an other one in like, a year of saving up scholarships QQ from China, I was just browsing their website (I cant read chinese for some reason, maybe because I’m european but who knows) and I see there are 2 versions, is there any difference in firmware or such ? And do chinese use Sims like europeans ? It would be cheaper to buy it from there and have it sent (through a friend of my mothers who moved there) but I dont know if I can use the phone here in the EU (I’m from Romania btw)

If someone can read chinese and clarify this for me aswell, from google translate I understand one of them has something to do with chinese 4g D:, to be honest I’m really depressed about my phone, man I like the MX5…


[On february 29, buy a new year limited deal mx5(16G/32G), and get a pair of free ep-21 headphones.

Unicom version / international version “Public version of the firmware” you can upgrade firmware for China Mobile and China Unicom to support dual 4g. Please refer to>

Mx5 main phone, usb data cable, power adaptor, sim card ejector pin, phone warranty certificate.

Customers need to buy accident insurance. Accident insurance can be bought within the next day of the date of your purchase before 24:00. Before buying click on this page for more info>]

… any chinese phone uses sim. :)

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Thank you very much friend, I guess unicom is their version ? I will think about where to buy it, an admin and a couple of other members helped me out with some information.


@TasteTheCookie just replace the screen

Link: http://www.aliexpress.com/af/meizu-mx5-screen-replacement.html?ltype=wholesale&d=y&origin=n&isViewCP=y&catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20160210054557&SearchText=meizu+mx5+screen+replacement

It should be very easy and take up no time. I only did it on a Meizu M1 Note, but it should be the same thing.

Open the two screws in the bottom and lift up the whole screen.

Be aware, you need both LCD Display+Touch panel Digitizer

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