Not able to reset my MX5

I bought an miezu mx5(used), now i wanted to reset the phone but my phone does not show up any settings for resenting the phone(i checked everywhere in the phone settings). Nor does the phone show up any settings to change screen lock password. I even can’t install any app. I now updated the phone to latest Flyme and still can’t find such settings. And even if i reset phone using the recovery, it asks for a locking screen password, when i enter my lockscreen password, it says wrong password.



@Jibraan92 your device seems to be bound with a Flyme account. Only the seller can give you the password for it.

@Rey thaks for the reply. But i have a question, if i take the phone to a service centre and ask them to flash a firmware on it. Will it work that way?


@Jibraan92 nope. The device could be stolen as well. Usually they will only provide support with an official invoice.

@Rey i do have its official invoice. What next?


@Jibraan92 well you could write and explain them everything. However, keep in mind that it is Chinese New Year and a reply could be delayed.

Or you go to your local shop, if there is any.

@Rey i have a local meizu service centre here. Just wondering if the reflashing of firmware would solve my problem.


@Jibraan92 not really. As said, the device is stuck to Flyme and it isn’t that easy to unbind an used device.
Only Meizu can help you (Meizu China actually - as they handle Flyme accounts).

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