[FIXED] Help, my phone (int.) shuts down by itself randomly

Help, my meizu pro 5 (int.) keeps shutting down by itself!

I bought a meizu pro 5 from meizu mart italy last week and it automatically shuts down at random moments from day 1. It has come to the point where it shuts down by itself atleast once a day. It does so in all three battery saving modes, it does so at 30% charge, 60% and even at 90% charge. I do not have the “Scheduled on and off” turned on either. No funny apps installed (about 9-10 trusted apps a la spotify and whatsapp). Sometimes the phone it turned off when I take it out of my pocket, sometimes when I pick it up from the table.

Possible causes that I have ruled out are:

  1. Some battery saving mode is activated. It happens on all three battery save mode. It happens when I don’t check my phone for 10 min. so it cannot be that.
  2. Power button gets pressed accidentally in my pocket. I did notice a screenshot taken while the phone was in my pocket so this could be an explanation except that I don’t feel the buzz before the phone shuts down and it happens when the phone is lying on the table (both face up and face down).

Im on flyme 4.5.4 (as delivered) and prefer to use OTA for updating the software. Anyone else experience the same issue? Is it a software problem or hardware related? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Update: I upgraded flyme to 5.1.3G about two weeks ago and since then the phone has not shut down itself randomly. However, I do notice a 40% decrease in battery performance which I am hoping will be fixed in the official flyme 5 release. For now the battery will easily last me the day so I can always charge at night, I prefer this to the random shut down.

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I never had that problem so I’m sure what could be wrong
About the saving mode, go to Security app --> Power --> And once there check If you have the power mode activated, although the power mode doesn’t shut down the phone as far as I know
Another recommendation is to upgrade the Firmware via OTA or downloading from here and manually update it by moving the file you have downloaded to your phone, then go to your phone, open the file explorer and tap in the file “update.zip” (you may check the option of deleting the data, this will delete all your apps but not your files and pictures, I recommend this for making sure nothing is leftover) and press strat
Another method is to turn off your phone, then press Power Button + Volume Up till Recovery screen appears, there select both of the options (as explained before) and press start
The last option is to go back to the store you bought it and ask for another device since that might be faulty

@Asiier Thank you for your help mate! I checked the power settings and nothing there is activated. I do think updating flyme is a valid solution but do you reckon it will make my dealings with meizu mart (italy) problematic? Maybe the will not handle my case if I update the software myself?

One more (noob) question, but in the Upgrade app on my phone it says that I already have the latest software for my phone (4.5.4). In your post you mention OTA update, isn’t that via this app?

Once again, thanks for your help!

I believe you can manually upgrade the Firmware without losing your guarantee as is totally normal process and you could justify that you got that update via OTA (even If you didn’t) in case that they don’t want to repair your phone
About the OTA thing, I’m not sure why that happens, even If you have the G version there is new firmware for it
Could you go to About the Phone and tell me which version you 4.5.2 and the letter after the number?
No problem, I’m here to help, you may press the like button If found my reply helpful

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It is Flyme OS - does that say anything?

Okay, what I though!
The I version or International have been replacing by the G version, they are the same
You are not getting upgrade via OTA because that firmware version won’t upgrade
You have to download either or and do everything I said in the last post
If that doesn’t work try this guide
I also believe that you can install, it comes with more bloatware, you have to manually install Google Play Services etc and it just have English and Chinese as languages, but If nothing works you can try to do that

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Interesting, it is a bit disappointing to read that since my major reason (alongside warranty) for buying the more expensive international version was my mistaken anticipation of hassle free OTA updates.

I have sent a mail to meizu mart regarding my problem and will await their reply, see what they offer. I thank you for the suggestions you gave me, it is good to have a back up plan!

Meizu Pro 5

Do you have ‘Palm Rejection’ turned on in the settings? If not, this may be a possible cause for it.

Well, actually the International version is better, as you can already unlock the bootloader…
And it’s not that it doesn’t have OTA updates, is just that Meizu change the firmware name, here is a little explanation about firmware versions
A = Generic

Works on all devices
Comes without Google Play Store and Services, can be installed afterwards
Have a few Chinese apps
Contains all Flyme features like free Music downloads (needs VPN)
Lacks some languages in current releases can be bypassed

I = International

Contains all languages
Some Flyme functions are disabled like free Music downloads
Comes with Google Play preinstalled
Only available for I devices can be bypassed
NOT TO BE MESSED WITH THE INDIAN FIRMWARE (We only upload the real international firmware here!)

G = Global

Same like I firmware replaces it since Flyme 5
All Flyme apps/features removed
No root possible, although it can be bypassed
Once again, no problem :wink:

@dankeogh It was turned on. I do wish some of these settings had a little description to them though, like how exactly is it triggered?

@Asiier said:

boot-what? :D

Does that mean that the “Official” Flyme 5 I/G will be released via OTA? Is it worth waiting for that or are the versions you linked (5.1.2/3) already of sufficient quality? Also, between the two beta versions you linked to, which would you recommend?

The bootloader is complex thing, is not necessary for you to know in order to address this issue
Okay, the thing is that you won’t receive OTA updates unless you install and updated firmware from “G” version since the “I” version "don’t longer exist"
Both of the version that I have provided you are Stable version so are completely useable and you will most probably found no issue with them, I’d recommend you the since is the latest one and, therefore, the bug-freest

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I think I have the same problem with my Chinese version of PRO 5. My phone logs out alone frequently as if I press the power button. And then every attempts to log in to the phone are replied with immediate logouts with display locks. I should wait for an indefinite time to log in. After one hour, two hours, or one day, I can log in to the phone again for a while. The display can always be switched on though. The immediate log out and display lock occurs if I log in to the phone with password or finger print or whatever else.
I tried every phone settings that I know of. I’m very interested what Meizu says on this problem. I suspect, this is rather a hardware problem than a software.

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@Asiier Cheers mate. Meizu mart have replied and all they said was that they needed to look at the phone so I should ship it back… not something I am too keen on. I will most likely go for an update myself then in the coming few days.

@Koaunghi-Un This sounds a little more extreme than my problem. I find my phone turned off at random times but it always responds and turns on again immediately. Have you contacted meizu?

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