PSA: For properly (working) notifications, tweak your Power-manager!

Found out that Flyme is a bit… “radical” when it comes to the killing of background tasks, which’ll prevent your messenger apps to notify. So here’s a neat solution for this obvious issue:

–> Security-Center
-----> Power
-------> Applications (or similiar)
---------> “Allow in Standby-Mode”
-----------> Tick apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Twitter, etc.

Please forgive my lack of grammar and enjoy your powerful smartphone!

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Doesn’t work for me, after x hours my whatapp service is automaticaly killed. SO i remove the security center apk and now it’s ok

That is kind of common knowledge, but thanks for the post, newbies will appreciate

Oh, that sounds like the better solution. Thank you! :grin:

@kakaouette how did you remove apk file? So can i do it with Chinese apps ?

You will need root permissions
Download SuperSU and update Binary, Reboot
Download Titanium Backup, give it root permissions, look for the app you want to uninstall and press on it, select the uninstall option

@Asiier Also with flyme os 5 is it safe to make google play services as system app ?

I don’t have it as system app and I have had any problem, but you may convert it to a system app If it is giving you some kind of problem or just because

@Asiier Ok i agree no problems yet! With you method above are there any dangers about uninstalling like the Chinese maps or news apps e.t.c. ?


@Timo-Schmidt It’s another method yeah.

But still doesn’t help much. We tried it all! It’s hopeless.

No, they are not
Just check this post for see which apps are not safe to uninstall

@Asiier Ok thanks !Also why I need SuperSu and not only Titanium ?

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@lolakis13 google it.

In general do a research before you are about to do stuff. If you ask one person, that one person might be mistaken.

Do a proper google research.

Yeah, I don’t know everything :joy: :joy:
Anyways is because TB needs SU Binary (Which are installed by SuperSU) for be able to uninstall system apps

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