Maybe a Way to Flash Custom Roms with LockedBootloader

Hi guys,
i don’t know if i can post this (delete it if i can’t)

Anyway, i’m a Lg p760 owner (Old baby), looking into forum to install a decent custom Rom for my locked bootloader (unlockable since 2013) ,
so i found this thread on XDa HERE

They use Bump to sign recovery and system’s files in order to be accepted by bootloader.

Do you think this can be applied to ours Mx(5-4pro) ?


@MrBrown94 Don’t try to flash a recovery with flashify

@Ultrametric yes i know is dangerous to flash an unsigned recovery.img and results 100% in soft/hard brick of device.
But this users talks about signing images before flash them

Would be awesome if someone made it work for our phones too ^^
Then i wouldn`t need to uninstall lots of stuff every update :D

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@MrBrown94 How will they do this?

Will they brute force it and brick many meizu MX5 that way? Or hack Meizu in China and steal the source code?

The problem is not the knowledge that it’s possible with the right key. It’s more the bigger question: How do we get the right signature.

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Meizu MX4

For all intents purposes, the meizu mx5 is the same as the meizu mx4 security-wise. We tried manually signing on the MX4 and deemed it to be impossible unless there is some extreme leak. The best thing you can do is wait for another exploit similar to the uboot.img exploit on meizu mx4 (same exploit would have worked on mx5 in fact but mx5 shipped with fixed uboot.img). I’m still looking at ways to disable signature checking on locked mediatek devices on my MX4, if I have any luck, then the mx5 should also be unlock-able.

@Ultrametric Sorry mate i didn’t want to sound like “c’mon guys brick your phones to make me have an unlocked Mx5”

I’m totally noob in this procedures, i just wanted to make this way visible to the ones who didn’t see yet…
I don’t know how Lp760 developers found the way to sign images with bump… i was just curious… don’t be angry with me :pensive:

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