[BUG REPORT] No Notification Light |Firmware (Beta) Version|

Hey boys,
I just wanted to report an issue that I’m getting on the (Beta) Version which I am currently using
I noticed that I did not longer have notification light whenever a notification got to my phone, so I reinstalled the firmware and the notification light worked again but when I rooted the device the notification light disappear again
I’m not sure If this issue occurs just in this version, therefore, I’m asking you guys to report any source of problems
Anyways, I’m going to install the Stable version and see If there everything works alright

I’m on the same firmware as you and I have also rooted my phone but I have had no issues at all with the notification light.

Thanks for the report, maybe is something wrong with my phone

Nah I guess it’s just software related in some way since you say it happens when you root. Something must be causing it. Does it stop working the instant you root or do you install some apps and stuff?

It does work but I have no control over the light
I mean it only works sometimes, not even when a notification arrives
It works when I’m charging the phone or something like, it’s really weird

I install the Firmware and deleted everything off the phone and I got the notification light working (for now, because I only have the stocks apps I didn’t install anything)
But the thing is that it only works in one color (Blue/Cyan) I’m not sure If that’s the only color that supports, I don’t remember from when I first got it
So, Could you just confirm If that’s normal or my phone have an actual problem?

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