And so it begins...

@ShadowOfDeth @Naphtha just found this one too.

But the link on the Russian page is broken.



As you may know, I am a bit skeptic specially when there is a little detail messed up.

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@Ultrametric With meizu published all its pro5 sources codes we need to find a exploit on Chinese version to unlock bootloader or there could be a easier way too?

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@sors Did they publish it? Is there confirmation that it’s officially from Meizu and complete?

Share your source please.

On the Internet there is tons of stuff, and people claim things without having a source. It’s super important to back it up.
A lot of people make commends without knowing a thing about what they talk.

I am not talking about you. Best example is the disqus meizufans spyware stuff gizchina thing.

It’s seems to be accepted, what ever is written on the Internet is true and does not need to be double checked. I can’t agree to this.
In my opinion something is equally true and wrong until it’s proven to be right or wrong.

Edit: Please post the official statement of Meizu, where they say that the Pro 5 sources are public now. That would be the best and most reliable source.

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Meizu MX4
It’s only the kernel. The kernel of the MX4 ubuntu edition, the MX4 pro, the M1 and the M1 note are also on github.

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@robin4002 I have seen it and downloaded it.

But why is there no custom kernel for the MX4 Pro if it’s all up there? Or are there custom kernels.

Does any of those work

@Ultrametric You are right about sources and I am not a developer and cannot test source code on github but, if international version is unlock I think there could be a way for unlocking Chinese version too
And about it always showing me 404 error when I tried to download something else. I’m not sure it’s because, they always delete links too fast or you must be a member of site for allowing to download files

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Looks like whoever made the post on XDA has deleted it… aww

I asked meizu (in their official facebook page) about kernel code and they send me this link so it’s official kernel
Pro5 kernel code

@sors I read on the post for which I posted the link above that although it is indeed official source code, it has been “cropped” which I’m assuming means that they (Meizu) have left out all the good stuff in their release…

Hopefully someone in the know can have a look at the GitHub contents and shed some light on all of this business.


@ShadowOfDeth I didn’t double check it, but it could just be the Samsung source, without configurations and drivers.

no guarantee though.

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@Ultrametric I don’t know what that means lol. Is that a good thing?


@ShadowOfDeth That means, who ever wants to use this, has a lot of work in front of him.

Developing drivers requires some skill and time, for itself.
If you have to do develop drivers + configuration for a thing you know little about it’s even harder.

It means it’s useful, yes. But it will take a lot of hard work to get the missing things working.

Basically it’s repeating what the FlymeOs developers did for Meizu, just that it’s a couple of em and that they get paid.

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