Meizu MX5 no recovery(?)

Hi, i want to go to recovery mode but it stills at logo, everything works well,i can boot my phone but my recovery is loocked,i can´t upgrade flyme, i have flyme it´s strange, please help me! Thanks.

tôi cũng bị như bạn . có ai biết cách khắc phục không nhỉ? giờ không thể cập nhật đc

Meizu MX5

What type of firmware did you try to flash? A or G?
Check in your settings what type of firmware you allready have and flash the same type of firmware (don’t forget to “Clean data” - it will delete all the data on the phone, so save all your important data on your PC).
After you update to the latest firmware you can switch types: A - being for Chinese Firmware and G - for Global firmware.
Check the guides on General Chat to see how to switch firmware versions - but only after you have upgraded to the latest firmware that you allready have!!!

Hope it helped you.

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