Possible to disable system apps?


I’m relatively new here, so first of all, greetings to everyone! Thanks to the site owner and all the clever contributors, your work is a godsend for all of us non-chinese speaking owners of Meizu phones.

I like my Pro 5 hardware-wise, but have a like/hate relationship with the Flyme 5.1.2A OS that is running it. The one thing that bugs me most is that some system apps that I don’t use at all, consume considerable amount of battery juice. For example, “Cloud service” is usually the highest or the second highest in the battery Rankings list, consuming about 12% of my battery. I also never use “App store” and it’s still consuming about 3 - 5% of the battery. I found no way of disabling these.

The second thing bothering me is that my Xiaomi Mi Fit app does not show system apps in it’s “App notifications” list. When I receive an SMS, my fitness band wont vibrate to notify me.

Lastly, I would love to get rid of occasional Chinese notifications of apps I never use. iLife for example.

I have my phone rooted, but do I need something like Xposed with Flyme Tools to tailor these nuances??

Thanks , bye bye!


@marko Hey, man.

You don’t “need” xposed but it would be in your best interest to get it installed and download “Greenify”.

In the meantime I’d suggest Titanium Backup (paid version) and freeze any system apps causing you problems ;)

For nuisance app notifications, go to the settings, apps, find that app and clear data/cache and force stop. That will reset it for you. Also long pressing a notification will bring up an option to ban that app from notifications in your status bar.

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@ShadowOfDeth, thanks for your reply! I still didn’t install Xposed, I’m somewhat hesitant because the version for our phone seems highly experimental and I use my Pro 5 as my only phone.

I installed the “Donation package” version of Greenify from the Play Store and it can’t hibernate the Scanner app (it is listed as AliImageEngine) or the Cloud service app. I gave the Greenify root access. Not sure if this would be any different if I installed the Xposed framework … ?

I tried to ban the Life notifications by long pressing the notification, but doing this, I only get the “Priority” option to display the notification on top. It’s probably the same with other system apps.


@marko Greenify works best with xposed and there really is no danger. You still need to try Titanium Backup as well. It doesn’t need xposed only root and you can freeze all the useless, annoying system apps.


@marko Don’t blindly trust a “stable” or “beta” comment.

It’s just a meaningless word companies use. It does not mean that the thing you use is actually stable.

So why does this help you?
I want to tell you that you should not be afraid of trying out beta software.

But you should be afraid of trying out stable… as every stable might just be a beta.

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@ShadowOfDeth Thanks for reminding me, I just installed TB and froze several annoying apps :) Will see the results in the morning.


@Ultrametric LOL :D I’m a software developer myself and I’m aware that beta software can run smoothly and that stable releases can cause problems in some cases.
I would not hesitate to install beta software without root access, however, Xposed is a completely different beast. I’d rather wait and risk with the stable, which to me means that it was tested by a group of people against a bunch of use cases with a wide variety of configurations. But yeah, you are right that some developers might rigorously test alpha software before promoting it to beta and other developers might carelessly stamp a “stable” tag on the first working version. I have no experience with the Xposed community, so I just have to blindly trust these labels.

@marko I can honestly tell you that xposed is completely safe. Obviously be careful with what you are messing with, but there really is no danger. xposed is possibly the best thing you can do with a rooted phon.

Those are the modules I personally use and they work beautifully for my needs.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. If anything does happen to go wrong you can always EASILY restore by flashing Flyme again.

@ShadowOfDeth, thanks for the heads up. I installed Titanium Backup and after installing SuperSU, the freeze functionality actually started working :) Cloud service and other silly system apps are not showing up as battery hogs anymore. Currently, I’m happy with the solution, I may try Xposed some day later.

Best regards,

@Ultrametric Sorry for my little off topic question but, do you know what is NetContactService which is in the A rom but, missing in the G rom? (+ I think G rom is much faster than A rom don’t know why)


@sors The only difference between A and G is the following: https://meizufans.eu/forum/topic/4542/guide-free-music-for-you-3-meizu-music-app
If you change this in your build.prop you hide the Chinese content in the Global Firmware.
That’s all the difference there is (not counting the removed languages).

Feels faster is very subjective!

@Ultrametric Actually I backup with TB all of the apps in Chinese version and NetContactService was interesting because, it’s related to contact and missing it in global rom seems wired.


@sors what does the thing do? I’ve no idea what it does.

Are you one of the global Pro 5 beta testers?

@Ultrametric No, I did not join the community yet. (don’t know I want to join the community or not as you described before that it does not have any benefit! I am not sure what it does exactly but, the icons seems it related to call app
![0_1457368527014_S60307-194748.jpg](Uploading 100%)
I was worried about it could related to spying that meizu do in their phones maybe just in China?!

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@sors Every single FlymeOS App needs / wants Internet!!!

Install NoRoot Firewall and you will see what I am talking about :D

But it’s hard to say, what they do with the information. So no idea if they really spy.

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