Flyme5 Upgrade gone bad

no more bootloader unlock, lots of chinese apps and characters with no means of understanding what it is. no more return arrow at the bottom and generally not good at all. the worst, a downgrade to flyme 4.2.-- A not possible. recovery opens but won’t accept original meizu firmware - it reads “corrupted firmware” or “no file found”. do not upgrade.


@marcusthaler did you tried to clear data during the upgrade?

Because it sounds like you didn’t do it. Therefore redo the whole upgrade procedure as shown in our F.A.Q.:

yes I did clean data. I did exactly what Meizu told me to do.(three times in slightly different ways). Now I got the fourth mail, followed the procedure, now I am stuck on boot and have no way to resolve the problem. I never did anything on my phone to compromise it. All I did was follow Meizu’s orders and used there software.

@marcusthaler, downgrade to 4.5.6i, then to 4.0.4 i and then version which you wish☺

@Eduard thanks a lot. for some unexplained reason it worked. now i can work my way up again.

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