Ultimate Decision: Galaxy Note 5 vs Meizu Pro 5!?

I feel like going crazy surviving without a smartphone for 4 months till now, I’ve gathered about 600EUR for a new one, and I am still not sure which one should I get!? I’m constantly reading reviews & comparisons for both of them and each time getting dizzier and dizzier.
Now Im put between the ultimate final decision between:

-Meizu Pro 5 (64Gb International version at Aliexpress) for 415EUR
-Galaxy Note 5 Duos (32Gb Gold Color) 550EUR (At smartphone shop at my city)

I want to hear your opinions first before I take any decision. I thank you all in advance for taking Ur time. :)


@Veton-Tigani If you get it from Aliexpress you have 0 support and 0 warranty.

Either you get the Pro 5 from Italy for 520€, or don’t get it at all.

And I hardly doubt that Aliexpress sells the International version, that sounds like a scam to me.
As only official agents are allowed to sell the global / international phone. And there is not a single official agent on Aliexpress!

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Well… there are a LOT of Feedback people even posting pictures to PROVE that it is REALLY the International version.
link text
But the thing is… what does that warranty Include!? I mean… Hardware Issues too!? Accidental warranty!?
Btw… at the shop where they sell Samsung Note 5… they also tell you that you’ll get warranty… but in the end… that warranty will include only software issues -_- (So its just ridiculous)

PS: I live in a country where we don’t have any kind of Samsung Representative (Official) yet.


@Veton-Tigani write an Email to Meizu and convince yourself.

Ask if Aliexpress is an official Agent. Meizu is picky when it comes to “illegal selling” as they like to call it.

Email: mzcs@meizu.com

You may also ask, how warranty / support issues are handled if you buy from Aliexpress.

If you don’t want to write an Email, you may also look here. All official Meizu Agents are listed at the following link.
Link: http://www.meizu.com/en/wheretobuy.html

And with support / warranty I mean… it may happen that meizu turns you down if you ask for help. And that if you have a repair request. That you will have to sent it back to the Aliexpress re-seller and he then has to sent it to Meizu, if he ever does that.

But all in all, it’s your thing. I can only tell you that no re-seller on Aliexpress is an official agent. What that means for you, I can’t tell.

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Ok… before this seems to go offtopic… I only wanted to know which one is more reasonable, Note 5 or Pro 5!?



It just comes down to what you expect of your phone and how much you want to spent.

Both phones are great hardware. But Samsung has the better optimized Software. Samsung is the bigger company, with better reputation.

If you look at both phones in terms of hardware, they are pretty equal. Or so close to be equal that it doesn’t make a difference.
When you call in hardware + software + brand + support, Samsung wins.

That’s a neutral point of view :P

If I had to choose I would go for the Pro 5 Global, If I had the money and needed a new phone.
I will never ever buy a Samsung phone, they aren’t worth the money in my opinion. I would rather buy an iPhone (what will never happen).

It just comes down to what yo want. If you are happy to have some good piece of hardware, or if you want more than that.

And most important: Where are you from?

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Both phones are great hardware. But Samsung has the better optimized Software. Samsung is the bigger company, with better reputation.

Not really. I find Flyme way better optimized than TouchWiz. Flyme is much smoother overall in operation. TouchWiz is still fairly choppy and does not feel optimized in the same way. Samsung has never been able to optimize their phones very well even though they get better. Sony, HTC and most else have better optimization than Samsung.

This is what I’ve been thinking, there is criticism on both sides, I just can’t make a decision, and… check this out >>


@dannejanne Samsung has the best camera out there. The camera app is super optimized.

And when I say optimized, I do not talk about the User Interface. I talk about optimization that takes place far far deeper in the system than that.

Do be honest, I don’t give a fuck about the user interface. That’s subject to change anyway.

Yeah Samsung has a fantastic camera can’t argue with that. Probably only beaten by the camera in the Lumia 950 XL. It’s just that me personally have very hard time liking Samsung because of their UI design which is ugly. I think the phones themselves too are fairly ugly. In my opinion TouchWiz is way too cluttered with many functions most people never use, hence they slow down the operating system because it is so heavy. Everytime I try a S6 in store these days, Edge model or not, I get put away because there is instant stuttering even in the settings apps sometimes.

If you prioritize the camera the Samsung is the much better choice. But well designed/optimzed UI Meizu takes the price. The Meizu also has much better battery life. I get like an hour screen-on time every 10% spent when using it constantly. Two of my friends has had battery drain issues with their S6 Edge models. One still has it and he is happy if he gets 3 hour screen-on time on his.

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@dannejanne It doesn’t matter if it’s better than … xxx…

It’s just that I was talking about this :P Meizu fails to optimize the system ( deep deep down)

The camera was just an example, of what optimized software can do. But this is just the beginning.

And yeah, the high pixel density + small battery, are annoying at the Samsung. It’s a waste of power.

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I hate TouchWiz in anyway from design and look to laggy and not optimized UI, Yes, some of samsung apps like camera may be optimized but, not the UI and other parts. +Camera of pro 5 is one of the best camera available in mobile phones in daytime. It unfortunately does not do good job in night but, daytime is better than Note 5. Even selfie camera has better quality but, it’s not as wide angle as note 5 one. I also prefer metal and look of pro 5 over note 5. 2k Amoled of note 5 is better but, not much better specially when you consider battery consumption ! If you don’t care about camera in night (can use flash for indoors but, lack of OIS is pain) other parts are not really different I think and by pro 5 you will not become regret because of lower price, more optimize UI (I mean not laggy like samy) and better battery life except if you are fan of S pen in samsung or need good support from company in software and …

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@Veton-Tigani actually I bought it from that shop. It’s no scam.

The Pro 5 has much longer battery life than the Note 5.

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