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i’m new here, and new with meizu phones. Few days ago,i have bought meizu metal, and as you all know, there isn’t any possibility of rooting. Is there any way to freeze some apps (undeletable bloatware) on this phone. thank you

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@avet yes, root your phone (look into FAQ) and install titanium backup (with the free Version you are able to uninstall them, with the pro one you are evem able to just freeze them)

you didn’t read my post…i uxing meizu metal, that model is powerd by yunos and can not be rooted

I found a way that seems to work.
You have to install ADB Debloater. The tool works via ADB. You can block apps.

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That is good news. Thank you. What about notifications? Working this better?

i will try that. Several days ago i have install no root firewall, and block internet connection to all chinese apps, actualy im suprised how often, for example, yunsearch try to reach internet


@avet Did you know that YunOS is a cloud based OS?

The purpose of YunOS alone is to run every app in the cloud. So that means it runs it on the internet :P
If you block the Internet what’st he purpose of having YunOS… then just get an Android phone.

I didn’t realize. I thought Flyme is based on pure Android.
The Problem is, I’d like to decide which APP is eating my Data Plan… I like the built - in Permission manager. But I’m not able to control the “Chinese” apps.

I won’t trust ANY of the original apps.

So, I’m using Urbandroids Dozzzer. Saves power & gives me back control over data consumption (by creating a offline VPN)

this is my first YunOS based phone. Actualy i dont need any of this chinese apps, so i just block access to internet to them, to each every one…so right now phone works fine…
another problem i have is after i restart phone and start fastboot, phne not react on any command from CMD…but that isn’t big deal for now, becouse, as i said, phone works just fine

Hi avet,
Yes, there is a way to freeze apps without root.

A side note: Although root isn’t yet available for YunOS there is a Flyme beta for the Meizu Metal that you can install, you should be weary of freezing apps through Titanium backup on Flyme as it has been known to cause instability in the OS. Just search through the XDA Meizu M2 Note thread for examples.

I have owned a Meizu M2 Note and now I’m running a Meizu Metal and this method works well on both. Here’s a link to my post on XDA detailing the process. Make sure you read each step very carefully as the setup can be tricky.

NB. I no longer freeze the security app as it no longer causes problems with third party Google Play apps.

Good luck!

@Ultrametric Without meaning to sound rude, your reply makes absolutely no sense. YunOS is built from Android AOSP. Full Stop. And in the case of YunOS 3.1.6 (Flyme that is currently the newest firmware for the Meizu Metal, it was built from Android 5.1.1 as a base.

Sure, a lot of the stock YunOS apps contain heavy internet integration, but all mobile OS’s contain heavy internet integration. Blocking individual apps from accessing the internet merely breaks a couple of features within those apps. And unless you’re living in China some of those features are useless. i.e. the Weather and Map apps do not work outside of China but will still happily consume mobile data.

Besides the OP is asking about Freezing apps entirely (which I happen to think is a great idea) Freezing apps like the Weather app, App Centre, Game Centre, Life, stops them consuming CPU (yes, some of these apps will auto-start from a cold boot), RAM and Mobile Data, and has zero negative impact on system performance and stability. So, its a win-win situation.


@mikusp it’s not build upon Android! It was forked long ago.

Read up on YunOs!!!

But YunOs pirates some Android frameworks to get Android apps running.

Accoording to Google (the makers of Android) YunOs is not Android!!!

If you have trouble believing this, take it up with Google.

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@mikusp I’m getting pretty pissed when people spam bullshit ( their own opinion ) without a fact check!

If you do a short research you will hear Alibaba say: YunOs is not Android
And Google say: YunOs is not Android

Do a god damn research!
( Alibaba makes YunOs )

Just a screenshot :::


@mikusp this is a nice exploid. Thanks for sharing.

With what Flyme firmware versions does it work?

Uh and its not given that YunOs has the same exploid. Someone has to try it out.

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