Messages embedded app doesn't receive sms

Hi, after I upgraded my Mx4 Pro from firmware to I have missed a lot of sms from friends and parents. I have disabled sms locking feature and smart lock function but I can’t receive sms anymore. Fix this problem please, this bug over one of a most important embedded phone feature is unacceptable nowadays!!! Meanwhile what can I do? I’m waiting for a response by Meizu. Thanks a lot

@vittoriobari This is not an official Meizu forum (therefore ‘‘fans’’). For bug reports and whatnot see

@vittoriobari it is well known bug for over 3 months in Flyme OS 5 for all phones. We all wait for fix :(

Freeze stock sms app using titanium and make hangout (or else) defoult sms app.


@Teho This doesn’t solve all problems.

FlymeOS raped the stock Android settings. So Hangout is not fully compatible to FlymeOS.

@Ultrametric what u mean by not fully compatible? Although is only tree days from unpacking no problems so far with sms (under hangouts)

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@Teho do you use two sim cards?

@Ultrametric one sim and 64GB sdcard.

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@Teho I use two and had trouble selecting the default sim. That’s what I mean with not fully implemented.

FlymeOS does weird stuff with the Android Settings so using non-FlymeOS apps might bring trouble.

If you use both sim card slots it’s a problem.

@Ultrametric my problem was that defoult sms app wont recieve sms when was not turned on or after i turn off screen.


@Teho yes it’s a shitty bug.

Or, at least, something similar most people experience, it’s like some messages just don’t get through. I didn’t find a pattern.

you got no messages at al?

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@Ultrametric no messages at all when app was not turned on .only when app was turned on works as it should

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