problem with the SD card on my Meizu PRO 5
Meizu Pro 5

Hi guys, so I’ve this problems when I insert my SD card (Samsung evo+ 128Gb) in the phone it won’t read it. I tried to restart it or clean the slot but nothing happens. I tried with the PC and it was reading it, I don’t really know why on the Meizu PRO 5 is not working. Anyone else had the same problem?

Fortmat it exFat with PC and it should work :)

Meizu Pro 5

It needs to be formatted as FAT32. ExFAT doesn’t work on Flyme - I made the same mistake when I got my Pro 5. Just format it in Windows or whatever you’re using, and it should work fine.

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Meizu Pro 5

I just love you!! ahah you solve my problem finally!!! You were right, FAT32 is the way!

Dear all

Thanks also for the solution because I have a 64gb SD Card not working on my PRO 5
When I insert it into my PC (Windows 7) it’s recognized but I can choose only 2 format type

1°) exFAT
2°) NTFS

No FAT32

How can I format it in FAT32 ?

Thank you


I reply to myself :)
solution : format the sd in FAT32 format instead of exFAT or NTFS
I also found a “software” (it is an exe file but no problem)

Now my Micro Sd is visible by my Pro 5

Bye FromFrance

The phone doesn’t support exFAT? means that maximum file size is 4GB, not good at all…

Hy, guys, i´m new with the pro 5 (its on postal way to me) Will a 200gb micro SD card work in the pro5? I use one in my Jiayu s3, and its working without any probs…

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