4.5.3O firmware - is it worth buying M2 with this soft?


I’m from Poland and I decided to but Meizu M2. I checked it in the store (X-KOM) and I found out that it has OS version: 4.5.3O. I read a lot about this version here in the forum and I don’t really know what to think about it. Some people say that updating it to I version breaks warranty and the phone might get bricked. Others say it’s OK to update.
How is it actually? Should I buy the phone with O version? Can I update it normally to I version, and later to flyme ver. 5 when it gets released eventually?

Why did thyy even decide to create so many different versions of their software?

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You can just install 4.5.4I on top of 4.5.3O (which is crappy).

Best Regards, also from Poland ;).

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Thaks, tomorrow I’m buying the phone and I’ll update it to 4.5.4I

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