Battery flicker

Hi i have mega problem. I have new mobil and my battery flicker… I also tried other chargers. what should I do with you. The charger goes from 0 to 70% nerdy even more, and then it does not. I sorry for my english. I add video0_1454559898934_2016_02_04_05_14_39.mp4 pls help

Meizu MX4 Pro

@jurecek i think there are only 2 opportunities :
-your cable is broken
-your USB port is broken… Maybe you can send your device back or let it repair with warranty

My problem was: I didnt have broken cable, My cable is very low…
I have some bad cable, but with others it goes. Probably meizu does not some cable. My friends has also meizu and He has it,too.

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