Google Play Music


I installed Google Play Music, it stops half way through songs ( even on very strong wifi, even on downloaded albums). I have put a “lock” on the application but it still does it.

Any suggestions? Hope someone can help.


You have to “lock” Google Play Services in the Security center as well. If you don’t, Flyme will kill the playback after 3 minutes. Works perfectly fine on my MX4 Pro.

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry for being dim… I am in “Security” and then in “App Management”, how do I “lock” Google Play Services?

Ah, so, I went into “Battery” and other modes… App Management and selected “Google Play Services” to be kept on! Now it is working! Thank you sooo much! Please do let me know if there is another way to “lock” apps , as it would be useful to know.

It is now working! YEY!

Glad to hear that! No, that’s the only way to keep apps running while in idle, as far as I know.

In my mx4 pro when i play my music with Google Play Music it stops like yours but then music starts playing from the phone’s application. did this happen to you as well? did it stop after the lock? Thank you in advance!

No, mine just use to stop after 3 mins. Then, say I went to the car after a few hours, it would default back to the default Music player.

It still sometimes does that, which is annoying, I would delete it if I could, but then I think I have to root the phone.

this bulshit happens to me all the time with all the applications that play music. and when i press the headphones button guess… the meizu music starts out of nowhere… great.

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