Security App - Auto-disables apps in standby mode


I have some trouble with the security app.
I am using some battery management apps like Greenify, Amplify, Power Nap and AppOpsXposed. And yes I made sure that all battery apps are whitelisted in the other app. Also I whitelisted Security app.
During standby I have Whatsapp and FB Messenger active (App management). Now I want to include the above named apps too. But the security center won’t let me.
I did some testing… apparently when I enable Power Nap or Greenify, the messenging apps are disabled when I recheck.

Under Permissions I enabled all the named apps to auto launch.
Under Power-Settings I disabled Scheduled notices, Low battery alert and Use mode schedule.
Under Cleaner-Settings I disabled Process and background service and Scheduled scan. And whitelisted the named apps.

I run A. And did not freeze/uninstall any system apps.

Hope someone had similar probs and can me help out here.

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is greenify on as device administrator? for me it is running fine now although i had the same issue

@nowv Yeah, I think it’s running as a system app.
How can I recheck that?
Once I had Greenify, FB Messenger and Whatsapp active in standby but after adding Amplify/Power Nap it didnt worked. Well, I always get different results. One Messenger is still enable, sometomes both… Greenify ist disable… that totally sucks!

hmm strange,

check in settings-securigy-device and credentials- device administrators if greenify is on.

@nowv Thanks. It’s a system app. And now? Damn security app, I wish I could freeze it… but my battery drains faster than before when I do it with the other apps I don’t use. :(

Short off topic question: The International version has the same system apps installed, right? Ah damn it, excuse me, checking the F.A.Q…
EDIT: Ok some features are disabled. Whatever this means. Free Music is a feature I actually like about A Version! :D

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i have the same problem here, but i cant get how to fix it … please tell me what you´ve done

I had the same problem and i solved with App quarantine.
Install and move the Security app in quarantine.

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