What is the most stable firmware from 3.6.7 to 3.7.4 ?

As the subject already tells, i got my 2 new MX3 UniCom Versions and looking for the most stabe and less buggy firmware to flash since they only offer german language.

Any Info is much apreciated. Thanks !

The later, the better in my opinion

So new newest one 3.7.4 right ?

Thanks HondaRacer

I would say 3.7.3, I installed the 3.7.4 last week and I experience some lag and minor problems on the last one.

What bugs ? Thanks for mentoring it, might consider 3.7.3 now.


Or wait a couple of days… Tuesdays are experimental firmware release days :P
I’m on 3.7.3 and it is working great… Haven’t tried 3.7.4

Wow amazing the MX3 did switch to German from alone after the update. German Keyboard also, wow.
Great buy, just to open the cover is awefull, the designer should look for some other job. Ruined kinda the backcase and the opener.

Well I experience that certain apps don’t work as smooth as before and the update seems a little bit slow. Most of them were solved with some restarts.

I’m on 3.6.4, i dont update since there is no Option for the Home LED … -.- ^^

Yes its only on or off.
By the way i also saw that the firmware did a new folder even with google playstore and other google stuff inside.
So i guess if you want a brainless start reflash Firmware with included sim card for your country.
So i only miss some open bootloader with the CN Version that i dont really need.
Could be interesting if they bring out some Ubuntu Image or orther modded stuff but im fine with flyme. so i saved 120€ over the international version.
Also just clicking the firmware file in bowser is really nice, other devices need to boot to recovery mode to do that.

Yeah, meizu does his thing really well… but flyme OS is a bit unstable and not clean in my opinion… they should switch to stock android and work more intensively on flyme, there are a few things that i miss in flyme, i hope it will be better in flyme OS 4.0 :/

Actually i like Flyme OS much more then Stock Android, but im not a power android user.
Thinks that are pretty nice in Flyme is app control, encripted folder, Music app, Flyme acc with options and some other things.

I think its because of Flyme i bought the MX3 ( aside from the great look and great hardware ).

Also its great for starters. my wifes 1st Smartphone is now the MX3 and she really likes it.

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