Unrooted Meizu Pro 5 device by mistake

Hello, I really need an expert who can help me to root my device, im trying to fix this for couple of days and cannot manage, I unrooted the device following this tutorial: http://howunroot.com/unroot-supersu/meizu/mx5/x.x/

My phone is a Meizu Pro 5 with Flyme OS that I installed following this guide: https://meizufans.eu/forum/topic/2599/guide-how-to-install-i-international-firmware-on-your-chinese-mainland-meizu when I had root acces. I originally came with Flyme OS

Now I need root access again and it seems impossible to get it, I tried recovering the telephone and changing the OS back to the original but nothing seems to help, maybe some of you know how to manually re-root the phone?

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Meizu Pro 5

@Fernando-Esposito Assuming your phone is really an international one, you should be able to reinstall any I version to get root back.

Then you can apply if needed

@Rey Thank you for your help, i know where root is located but it simply didnt work, anyway i have been able to solve the issue using by installing again the OS that came with the phone

Seriously, I would love to know how to “unroot” my Pro 5. I want to use my online banking app and it refused its services because of the rooted state of Flyme… any ideas?

Install SuperSU --> Update Binary —> Reboot —> Settings --> Full Unroot
Or Place the update.zip in your memory --> Power Off the device --> Press Power button + Volume Up --> Select Update Firmware (You can also clear the data, but that will delete all the apps, just the apps NOT THE FILES) --> Press Start and Wait
The device doesn’t come Rooted, so If you didn’t root yourself and you are having trouble with that app, is a problem of the app and not the device

@Asiier said:

The device doesn’t come Rooted, so If you didn’t root yourself and you are having trouble with that app, is a problem of the app and not the device

Sadly, it didn’t work. And it’s clearly not the app’s fault. Never had any problems the last 5 years and with 3 different devices… Any other way to unroot Flyme? Thanks in advance.

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If you reinstall the whole firmware it MUST work, there is no way that doesn’t work, If once you reinstall it the app still gives you problem, it will be a problem of the app and not the device
For reinstall the firmware you have to download the desired version from here and follow the instruction that I gave you
This will NOT delete your data unless you clear it by selecting the second option as I explain it before, although I’ll recommend you to do clean install (Check both of the option in the recovery screen)

Will I have to set everything again? Tweaks, battery management, etc when I’ll upgrade instead of a clean install of Flyme?

If you reinstall the firmware, you are just rewriting the whole system but not touching apps, I’m not sure what do you mean with tweaks and battery management but If those things are apps they will be just as you left them
Although I recommend you do a clean install even though you have to reinstall all the apps and configure them, just for make sure everything works alright

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