Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Touch Version!!

@Rey I would, if the bootloader is unlocked. And the price okay.

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So far my experiences with Ubuntu Touch weren’t that promising.
High battery usage and an overall “boring” and very limited OS. However, lets see if it got any better.

Meizu MX4

Ubuntu touch is still in development. Not 100% stable, a bit slow, and not complete for 100 % of users.

But for developers it’s a perfect OS. Full GNU/Linux based with a true terminal and the os is 90~95 % open source (core app, mir, unity, etc … are open source, but some driver are still closed source, not sure). (so no virus on Ubuntu Touch :D)

Also convergence make Ubuntu touch unique (in the future Linux applications will be able to run on Ubuntu touch).

The bootloader is open. I had read on that ubuntu touch needs a unlocked bootloader, that why the bootloader is unlocked on the MX4 Ubuntu edition


@robin4002 The no virus, comes also from nobody the fact that nobody uses it. The more people use it the more the evil guys care about making viruses.

Do you know more about it. Why exactly does the bootloader have to be unlocked?

Meizu MX4

It’s also because canonical react quickly.
There was a malicious app exploiting a system vulnerability in Ubuntu touch, the day after a patch has been released :

About the bootloader I can’t find the message where I read it :(

can u please make a tutorial , wen it wold be possible , I wold really love to try it
thank you

I would really like to try it. I read on xda, that it is possible to open the bootloader on global firmware of the Android Pro5, so maybe we can install the Ubuntu touch too. I’m really interested in Ubuntu but I am not going to buy another Pro5 :)

Just got email from meizu that ubuntu edition PRO5 is for sale :
Hi there,
Thanks again for signing up to be kept up-to-date on the availability of the Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition.
You can now order the Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition here ( )or here ( ), after which it will be shipped to your house within a matter of days.
For more information, please check the Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition product page or get in touch with us via
Your friends at Meizu

@2uk got it too. Too bad there’s only gold/white color and 32GB version available.
I’d have wanted Black/Gray 64GB :(

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