Cannot read firmwares

trying to change my firmwares, no matter which version I try the pro 5 will not read any. Have a Chinese phone and use the A versions nothing works, putting the zip file in the recovery drive after connecting to pc, clearing data, am I missing something? also tried the google play link listed here and that doesn’t seem to work either

Meizu Pro 5

What’s the error message ? never had problem using the method you decribed

says firmware not found, every time. immediately disappears from the recovery drive on the pc when initiating the reboot

ok tried the very latest beta and it worked. I was renaming the zips with the FW number to keep track, maybe that alters how it reads the zip file

Meizu Pro 5

@clarkydaz file is recognized by name : every other name will be ignored

yes just tried again and that seems to have fixed it, thanks!

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