Upgrade and root problem on meizu mx 5

I have an mx5 with A rom multi language(i order it like that) from minidel and I want to flash a new 5 rom. I have a flyme account I have access to system privileges when I did that for first time my phone doesn’t restart(if that helps) . When i m trying to flash from recovery mode it says zip not found. I can’t do it from my phone because the only thing I can do with the zip file is extract and view.So I make a factory reset and I have the same problem! I can’t upgrade my phone I think is locked. it seems rooted but it’s not really,the supersu doesn’t work. I don’t have a flyme update apk in my phone Any help?

Hello there mate. I had the same " issue" as you but is quite simple to solve. Take a look to FAQ section, it help alot. You may think that your phone is not rooted but somehow it is.
First download the desired firmware, then go to file explorer, “download” icon, select the new firmware and copy it ( move it) in the " card " icon ( you still have only the extract and view options ) . Now shut down the phone, open it by pressing power button + volume up same time and it should appear something like upgrade this phone. I recommend to clear data too for now further issues. You should make a backup before too for no app losses. Hope it helps.
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I know that and I did it but nothing! The same again “zip not found”


@pskpanos you still do it wrong and no, thats definitely not the error message a locked device returns.
Please read the F.A.Q. once more and follow each step carefully.

If Method 1 fails, try Method 2.


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Ok I resolve the problem! I downloaded the zip through my phone! No I have
Thanks guys

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