Turn-by-Turn Navigation Voice


I got my Meizu MX3 from Chinese retailer last year. I had not used Navigation until recently. But when I did it, it’s turn-by-turn navigation voice was in Chinese-english, I mean a Chinese lady speaking English.

Would anyone know how to change that to be just ordinary English? Sometimes, I don’t know what she is saying.


Maybe try a different navigation program?

Or use morelocal. It works usually even without root. That way i switched all my apps from english to german on my M9.
Of course you have to redo that after each reboot.
I still use some old version of Navigon select on my M9.


MoreLocale was no help for me. It chanhed the language (basically words like “turn left”) to Finnish though, but the lady is still speaking all distances (numbers) in English and all this mess with its Chinese accent so that the speech can be understood in no way… :D Maybe there is some special version of Maps out there which has some special language settings or something, or maybe just in my dreams…

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Dont know i only used navigon select on M9 so far, so no real help on this issue.
I can only say the M9 was chinese or english only. Without morelocale the apps and the navigation soft was english and spoke english so it was kinda hard to understand what the lady said with her english acent.
After i switched to german she talked to me in german while the system was still english only apps and some widgets turned to german.
Might try some navigation software in the future when my MX3 is fully set up.

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