Flyme OS test firmware (m1 note)

Red assistant

  • Normal mode: enabled by default, plus voice prompt window through suspension, so the message is more eye-catching red. Click the floating window or shake the phone, you can quickly enter the red list of sessions.
  • Speed ​​mode: Open “Settings - Accessibility - red assistant - Speed ​​grab a red envelope”, bright screen state, received a red envelope message automatically jump to the session list; lock screen, you can jump to just unlock the session List.
  • Tone settings: Go to “Settings - Accessibility - red assistant - new red tone”, the old white, Yang Yan, Li Nan, a customized version of the tone of any election!


  • Bulk Assistant: When sending text messages can be sent with its address information based on the recipient’s name.


  • Optimization: three operators to increase details page “Flow recharge” portal.
  • Optimization: Yellow details click out of the blacklist, increase tips.



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security, the error still continues !

@karsavar Not here. Did you root before flash?

Red assistant? Bloatware peace of 🔃

Flashed yesterday, no problems at all.

Whoever has issues, probably has a faulty setup. Better to try a wipe data and do a clean install.

m1 note is the new or this one released later? :D
I see 4 minutes :DDD Published: 2016-02-01 03:35:14 Published: 2016-02-01 03:39:37

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m1 note

@karsavar But I asked which one newer now.


@banyartibi both have been released at the same date.
However, logically the test firmware is a bit ahead of the stable one.

Has anyone found any way to install Xposed in the last beta roms?

m1 note

How to install Xposed with Flashfire
phone must be rooted
basic understanding of the terms used below
SuperSU from Play Store
Flashfire from Play Store
Busybox installer from Play Store (busybox must be installed with smart installation)
Xposed package can be dowloaded from XDA

  1. alt text download the file in the qr code

  2. copy the file (xposed-v80-sdk22-arm64) and paste it to root storage of phone

  3. Install SuperSU from the Play Store and open it

  4. SuperSU will then prompt for Root access. click GRANT then install SU binary. (if it fails to install, close SuperSU, REBOOT the phone and try again)
    (DO NOT PROCEED unless SUperSU has been properly installed)

  5. Install BusyBox Installer. Open it.

  6. BusyBox Installer will now prompt for Root Access. Click “GRANT” then wait for it to finish loading until 100%. Smart Installation will now be available to click. Install via smart installation. When done proceed to next step.

  7. Install FlashFire and Open it.

  8. Flashfire will then prompt for Root Access. Click “GRANT” then wait for the process to be done.

  9. Click + sign(red floating + sign) then Select Flash ZIP or OTA

  10. Navigate to where you saved “xposed-v80-sdk22-arm64” (it should be in your root folder) then select it.

  11. After clicking, a window with checkboxes will appear. Uncheck auto-mount then just click the check sign at the upper right side

  12. Click Flash

  13. Phone will reboot (multiple times and it will take time, leave it. It’s perfectly normal)

  14. Optimisation of apps will now start

  15. Install Xposed Installer then Open.

  16. Xposed Installer will now prompt for Root Access, Click “GRANT” then check the installed framework. It should say “Xposed framework version 80 is active”


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