New Meizu Pro 5 does not recognise all my music

Hey there everyone,

I just bought a new Meizu Pro 5 and everything seems to be working well, but one thing. It doesn’t recognise all my music. I uploaded around 13 gb of music into a 32 gb microsd card that I put into the phone, but when I enter the music application it only shows me up to 1000 songs. I have all my artists through A to M, but suddenly it stops there, leaving me without the rest of the music (artists from N to Z).

I have no idea why this may be happening. I recentely upgraded the firmware from to 5.1 2.0.G, but the problem happened on both of them.

Sorry if this is an easy issue, just got this first android yesterday :)

Thank you, regards

Meizu Pro 5

@jabercu What’s the app you are using to listen to your music ? Tried poweramp ?

Thanks for the recommendation! I was using both the own meizu music app and google music app, but poweramp does recognise them all.
Do you know any other free apps that work like power amp? It is still quite curious that the other media players only recognised up to 1000 songs.


@jabercu you can get the paid version of apps for free. Just download em through the Meizu AppCenter

Folder in which are your music files stored must be named “Music”.

Meizu Pro 5

@josip.keran said:

Folder in which are your music files stored must be named “Music”.

Yes, this is indeed correct, you need to make a ‘Music’ folder in the root of your SD card, and copy all your music to there. Otherwise, the default Meizu app doesn’t recognise them.

I already put my music into a folder called “music”, that’s of course the first thing I checked. The curious thing about this problem is that both meizu native music app and google music app recognise only up to 1000 songs (up to the M in the artists), while other apps like Poweramp or Rocket recognise all of them. To this day I am using poweramp without any problems, but the original issue remains still unsolved.

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