unread messages/missed call problem?

please excuse me but this problem important for me because sometimes i have no time to look at the phone and i delete notifications from notifications bar and when i look the apps after a while i can see nothing.
one admin from this forum said that whitelist all apps from security center/acceleretor,i did but nothing changed
here are the photos

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I’m sorry, I do not exactly get the point. Do you mean that you press the delete button at the SMS you get? Or do you swipe them to the right to dismiss them? The first are quick keys and will completely delete the message, the second option should work normally. Can you describe the problem a little bit better?

@Kokkie my english not very well but yes as you said when i get a message or missed call i swipe them from notification sections on lock screen.after that i unlock the screen but i cant see any numbers on icons

Meizu Pro 5

@Ali-ZOBAR As the wipe (left or right) has the only goal to clean the notification… So i’m not surprised you can’t get anything after. Try unlock before, you’ll see

@Kikounet95 still same problem no numbers on icons

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Meizu Pro 5

Are you expecting Something like this ?

If so i would suggest to use this

@Kikounet95 thank you but i want to use orginal flyme os features.
do you have any idea about reinstall flymeos fix this problem?

Meizu Pro 5

Are you 100% sure this is feature part of flymeos ? I never saw it (and i’ve done many reset/upgrade/downgrade)

@Kikounet95 i wanted to say that i do not want to use extra apk for this feature.

Meizu Pro 5

@Ali-ZOBAR OK. I’m pretty sure it’s not a bug, and this feature doesn’t exists natively, so you are stuck.

@Kikounet95 your pro 5 is also have not this feature am i right?

Meizu Pro 5

@Ali-ZOBAR correct


I have exactly the same problem of SMS
The problem is that I do not receive any SMS version 5 FlymeOS no worries version A FlyMe.
I tested Beta or stable Version and after 24hours, I am not receiving some SMS.

At each install I delete all the data but it does not change

BAND BASE: S333_M86_20151104_CHNOPEN_MZ027

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