Flyme 5 Global Release Plan

Hey guys, this is the unconfirmed global Flyme 5 release plan.

It’s very likely to happen exactly as said in the picture… yet it’s not completely confirmed.

@Ultrametric how can u b sure that meizu m2 note will get flyme os 5 in mid june…bt not sure abt meizu m1 note n others…meizu m1 note already hav got official beta flyme 5 release bt m2 note dont…


@link2patel.rp What where do you get the mid of June from?

And please read the topic title GLOBAL

@Ultrametric sorry mid of april… as u idicated in u pic…


@link2patel.rp I think that Meizu has very few software developers on the global team.

The Meizu MX5 got Flyme 5 China in September 2015. So the closed beta for Flyme 5 started at least a month before.
The Mx5 Global closed Beta started 3 weeks ago. That’s four months delay.

So if they keep it up and do it on all devices, Flyme 6 Chinese will be released by the time the last devices get Flyme 5 Global.

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