GPS cannot find my location

I am using Here Maps with offline, downloaded, maps. It can’t find my location. If you wait like 10 minutes, it finds a location but not very accurate. If you use it via internet, it works but only with GPS, it does nothing… any idea?

@Rey I have another phone which finds my location extremely quickly… I already tried another firmware, it is the same. Actually, I am trying to understand whether it is hardware (by the way, do you know where Meizu gets their gps hardware??) or software problem.

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@resengsc did you tried an app to reset your GPS? Sometimes they help. Otherwise there is not much I can add to this as I have no MX4.

Additionally I would also suggest that you try the search function. Maybe someone had the same issue before.

Do you experience it with all apps? You are now only talking about Here Maps? Does it give a fix with the app “GPS Test”?

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