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Unlock the bootloader of Meizu PRO 5

It seems that a someone (authorized tester) unlocked the bootloader using a beta international firmware. I found this topic


@maxant69 there is no official global beta firmware for the pro 5.

How did he get hands on this beta? Meizu claims that the Pro 5 beta global won’t be released before mid of February (the earliest).

In Flyme 5 there is no more international firmware, its called global instead.

Update, lol just heard that it got leaked

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Wow. Exciting stuff! Please please pleeeeease let this be legit!


@ShadowOfDeth Sascha, one of the Mx5 global beta tester said that one of his friends applied it, and it worked. I fully trust him, so the info seems legit to me.

( I still doubt that it’s a leaked beta though.)

@Ultrametric well all I can say is, fingers crossed there is or will be a way for us on A versions to get this boatloader unlocked. Really am quite jealous of Meizu’s MediaTek devices getting custom ROMs!

Meizu Pro 5

Download in progress … Will report in a few minutes

EDIT : KO for A version

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It’s because the leaked firmware is a G version

Meizu Pro 5

@maxant69 Yep, but i had to test, just in case

So If i did understand well, you have to first install the (If you don’t have it already installed) and then process to install this version, right?

I think it’s necessary to own an international model as the leaked beta firmware is “G”.

Meizu Pro 5

At least you can use the tutorial to have fully translated nearly lastest beta …!

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So this guide won’t work, I mean, you will just get the latest beta with multi-language, but you won’t be able to unlock the bootloader unless you already have an International version

Meizu Pro 5

@Asiier That’s it. Only “I” version can be unlock yet

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I think you are right, because you have to flash the leaked firmware directly without workaround. And we know that if you try to flash a G firmware on a A model gives you an error.

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