Annoying ads

Always when i unlock the phone, it keeps poping out ads to download useless apps when connected on internet. Is there any solutions for that? It is just annoying, phone is always scamming by itself. MX5


@muhandees you are the victim of maleware.
Best is to grab the latest stable firmware and perform an upgrade as shown in our F.A.Q.:

Be sure to use the “Clear Data” option!

@Rey Thank you very much for your advice. I did upgrade to and no more annoying ads, but there is another problem with unable to install play store…

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@muhandees are you using the latest Google Installer?
You can get it either from our F.A.Q. or the AppCenter.

@Rey downloaded the latest version from both appcenter and FAQ, but it is refusing to download or update any app. any solutions?

@muhandees , reinstall google installer again, when you finish with this, open it and let it to install google services framework, google account management and google play. When you finish just restart your device.

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@Eduard ok. good. this issue solved. now the next step, the games that i download looks like not supported by this FlymeOS, as the games just kicking off in the middle of my play. is there any solutions or i need to upgrade to other OS?

I don know how to help you, just because i never play games at all. Sorry:cry:

@Rey hi rey, maybe you have any clue for my issue above?


@muhandees well, that problem is only solvable by Flyme developers or the game developer himself.

Meizu Pro 5

In the future, you could always use Malwarebytes for Android. Works well.

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