Flyme 5 os update for meizu m2 note

warning update on ur own risk…
Downloads required

  1. Flyme os 5 update file …download link (

  2. FlashFire (

  3. Download supersu from playstore

Root ur device and give access to supersu and flashfire… for rooting procedure visit this link
give root access to supersu and flashfire


  1. after root access open supersu and install normal binary after this ur phone will restart

  2. then open flash fire then tap on the plus sign (+) and then select flash zip and select the downloaded file and tap on correct mark (warning dont tick mark on mount )

  3. now again tap on + and select wipe… in wipe select cache partition dalvik cache and 3rd party apps( dont select internal storage) and tap on tick sign

  4. tap on flash

5![alt text](image url). wait for 20 min untill the flashing procedures finish

Remember copy official rom in the internal storage in to revert back to stock rom if any error occurs.

video link

updated screenshots are attached
![alt text](image url)


Use at own risks. Firmwares might be modified or even filled with malware or other software we do not know.

@Rey bro m using right now…i installed this rom today…everything works fine…no any problem…there is some unwanted chinese apps…that i removed using link2sd app…if u want screenshots then give me ur email id i will email u…


@link2patel.rp not needed. I know this firmware, but still. We do not take any guarantee for unofficial firnwares (leak = unofficial, no matter what).

Can’t I just use the file manager open the zip and install it with the FlymeOS update prompt?
Flashfire takes way too long at “Scanning archive… ”

edit: nvm it doesn’t work like that

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@Rey It doesn’t work like that. It says “Firmware Corrupt” using Flyme’s Update Tool :/

edit: nvm, I’ll just wait for the Official International update. Thanks anyway! :+1:

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I suppose I need an “A” version to install this, right? Thanks anyway for upload!

@Rey well I have the international version and it said “Firmware Corrupt” when trying to update to this one… also I watched the tutorial with Flashfire and mine takes way too long to load the zip while in the video it doesn’t load anything before the “Mark On Mount” pop-up :rage:

Btw, are there many bugs with this one?

@Alin-Ștefan-Vălcăneanțu with flashfire it will take time nearly 20 minutes…what u hav to do wait with patience…there is no any bugs…only u will face little problem with some chinese apps…bt u can remove this chinese apps using link2sd…next thing u will not get google apps …u can get google apps from App Store…just search google installer from App store n install it…apart from this there is no any problems n bugs…u will get more battery back up than flyme 4.5


@link2patel.rp tomorrow the official Flyme 5 beta comes out.

I suggest you to wait one day.

@Ultrametric i will flash out with official beta if it release tomorrow…bt currently m using leaked one…m satisfied with this n better than stable flyme os 4.5

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