Weird Issue when Stellio Music Player Is Installed

0_1454068675384_Phonograph Before Stellio.mp3

0_1454068692047_Stellio On It’s Own.mp3

After Stellio is installed all audio goes a bit mental even after the app is uninstalled requiring a full reboot to fix. Anybody else notice this?

*song is Diamond Head’s Calling Your Name (The Light) for anyone wondering.

@ShadowOfDeth it also happens here. Don’t use the player and fortunately there are others that seem to work well.

@albireox yeah I already gave up and deleted it. All system sound was affected by having it installed.

@ShadowOfDeth I actually use Neutron Player right now, but Stellio didn’t affect it in any way. I don’t know about the system sounds…

@albireox I don’t know wtf is up but the sound you hear in the second recording is what happens to literally all the sounds system wide. No other player I have used does this.

@ShadowOfDeth sometimes talking to the developer of the app can help. I don’t know if this is the case. I’m still addicted to Neutron Player, but on the other hand I don’t have a smartwatch so it’s a little easy for me. I’ll try to write them anyway and see if they respond.
You’re also on the International 5.1.2?

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