Mobile data doesn't work

Hey guys, I bought Meizu mx5 yesterday but now my mobile data doesn’t work.My phone can call to others or send sms.Wi-Fi work.
I try to fix this problem as the ways below:

  • swap sim from sim1 to sim2
  • delete and add new APNs
  • Format factory reset
    Can you tell me what i can do next?

My currently firmware is

Meizu Pro 5

When you say your mobile data doesn’t work, does that mean that you can’t enable it or that it is enabled but you can’t access the internet?

Hi, im also new to Meizu MX5 and i have maybe the same problem.
I switched on mobile data from settings menu and tried to open page with browser or tried to play a online game and says cant connect.
I have 2 cards in phone and both have internet. Tried switching between cards nothing happend also.
Im with same version

@bladebg maybe you should check your apn settings.

My problem is solved i didnt know about adding APN settings. With others phones i get them automaticaly.

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